National Safety Month – Distracted Driving

2014 GraphicJune is National Safety Month, so our team has decided to provide resources from the National Safety Council to help improve some general safety practices for all our friends and clients.

This week, we are featuring information and resources about distracted driving.

Using a cell phone while driving makes it four times as likely that you’ll crash – while using handheld or hands-free devices.

View Facts about Distracted Driving Here

The Great Multitasking Lie infographic
Provided by The National Safety Council


Employers have realized the dangers of cell phone use while driving and are taking action by passing policies to prevent cell phone distracted driving. The National Safety Council recommends policies prohibit both hands-free and handheld devices and apply to all employees. 

EMPLOYERS:  Download a Cell Phone Policy Kit from the National Safety Council HERE

This free kit helps employers reduce crash risk. It has all the materials you need to:

  • Build leadership support in your organization for a cell phone policy
  • Communicate to employees the crash risks and the need for a policy

Driving Down Distraction infographic
Provided by The National Safety Council

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