Insuring Your Summer Toys

boatlakeAfter a long winter, we bet you are more than ready for summer and all of the things you can do to take advantage of the warmer weather.  The pool is open and your boat or jetski is in the water, all ready to enjoy for the season.  Think for a moment and consider your insurance.  Are you prepared for the possibility of an accident?

Summer ‘ toys’ can include an RV (recreational vehicle) for your summer travel or an ATV (all terrain vehicle), a PWC (personal watercraft) like a jet ski or waverunner or boat, or even things like a golf cart, a motorcycle, a trampoline, swingset, pool, and even a bicycle.  Insurance helps to protect you from the risks associated with injuries and damages when using these items.

The first step is to review the types of insurance available for your summer recreation toys.  Consider physical damage for your property as well as liability insurance.  Many policies include property damage to others and coverage that reimburses you or a guest for hospital or doctor bills.

traditional-poolFor property damage, estimate the value of each item and how much you would lose without insurance.  For items like an RV or a boat, this can be a considerable loss.  You can choose a high liability limit and add an umbrella policy to your coverage. For liability, you can add extra coverage to your homeowner’s policy or include summer items on an umbrella policy to extend your liability coverage.  Each carrier is different with what summer toys can be included, so be sure to check to make sure each addition is allowed.

trampolineFor items that carry significant risks, like trampolines, check with your carrier to make sure this coverage is allowed or included on your homeowner’s policy.  Some carriers prefer not to absorb the risks associated with trampolines and may cancel or decline to renew your policy if they learn you have one on your property.

Insurance helps to protect you in the event of an accident, but your first line of protection is to always take safety precautions when operating your summer toys.  Taking measures to preventing accidents helps keep your premiums low by minimizing the number of claims you need to make.  Insurance protects your purchase, yourself and your guests as well.

Please contact our office to further discuss your insurance needs.  Have a wonderful and safe summer and enjoy those toys!