Homeowners Insurance and Your Outdoor Property


Your homeowners insurance policy covers a lot of things, some you might not realize – and it also does not cover things that you might think are included.  Here are a few things many people might find surprising!


A typical homeowners policy likely covers a few things that you don’t realize.  (NOTE: you should always double-check with your agent for details specific to your own insurance policies.) These include things like medical expenses for guests that have been injured in your home (typically whether or not you were responsible for the injury) and charges from your local fire department for responding to an alarm call.  If someone drives through your lawn and damages your yard, chances are that your homeowners policy can help you to replace much of the damaged items.  If you spend a lot of time and money on your landscaping, you can always increase your coverage for these things.  Your homeowners policy also covers your college student’s property while they are away at school as well as your refrigerator and freezer contents if you lose power for a long period of time during a storm.


Many of these items have a replacement cap, and deductibles may or may not apply, depending on the situation and your coverage.  Although these items are all covered under a typical policy, homeowners should always consider the costs and benefits for submitting small claims.  Policies with a higher deductible amount can typically prevent small claims that could result in higher premiums.


It may be surprising to learn that property that is kept outdoors might not be protected by a homeowner’s policy in the event of damage or theft.  Think about your outdoor grill, your patio furniture, bicycles left outdoors, your ornamental garden plants or items you might keep in an unlocked shed. Replacement coverage for items like these are not commonly included in your homeowners insurance, but you may be able to add them for a higher premium to extend your coverage to include backyard possessions.


It is always helpful to assess your coverage to make sure that your policy fits your needs and your budget.  Our team at Bieritz Agency is happy to answer any of your questions so that you are informed about exactly what your policy covers and what it does not.  We can work together to fill in any gaps.  Bieritz Insurance Agency, Inc. is a local independent agency that represents over 20 companies and has offices in Cooperstown and Morris, NY.  Bieritz Agency has served the community as the only locally-owned and operated, independent agency for over 25 years.  Bieritz provides quality service, excellent prices and products that are in the client’s best interest!  Contact Bieritz Agency at 607-547-2951 today.